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SplineFunction[range, internal] represents a spline created by SplineFit.
• The SplineFunction accepts an argument within the range of the spline for evaluation at some point along the curve.

• When given a single symbolic argument, an n-dimension SplineFunction evaluates to a list of n SplineFunction objects. This is useful when the spline is to be passed to a function that requires two or three separate parametric functions in a list.
SplineFunction objects can be used for Mech cam profiles.
• Cubic splines have zeroth-, first-, and second-order continuity.
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Further Examples

Load the Modeler2D package.

Create a SplineFunction representing the path between a sequence of 2D points, and evaluate it halfway between the first and second points. Each end of the spline will have zero curvature.

The spline is a 2D parametric function, and can be plotted as such.

Here is a spline with the ends closed upon themselves.

Here is a spline with specific direction vectors at the ends.

Here are all three splines shown together.

Here is a SplineFunction with values given for the independent variable at each knot point.

Here is the arc length of the spline, also expressed as a function of the independent variable.

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