is an interval list corresponding to an equal tempered scale.


  • To use TemperedChromatic, you first need to load the Music Package using Needs["Music`"].
  • Intervals are measured in cents.
  • MusicScale[TemperedChromatic,freq,dur] creates a Sound object that is a sequence of pitches corresponding to an equal-tempered scale.
  • TemperedChromatic gives a list of intervals in which the octave is divided into 12 equal parts.
  • Each part is a tempered semitone (100 cents).
  • This is equivalent to making 12 fifths equal to 7 octaves, so an equaltempered fifth is equal to 700 cents. (The Just Intonation and Pythagorean fifths are 702 cents, and the Mean Tone fifth is 696.6 cents.)
  • This process guarantees equivalence between pitches, and allows intervals to be the same in all keys.
  • However, except for the octave, none of the intervals are in tune with regard to mathematical ratios and the logic Pythagoras developed from proportional lengths of strings.

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