Wolfram Data Repository

The Wolfram Data Repository is a curated cloud repository of computable data resources, all set up to be instantly usable in the Wolfram Language. The Data Repository includes a growing number of numerical, textual, image, and other data resources from a very wide range of application areas. The Wolfram Language supports creation of private data resources, which can then be submitted for inclusion in the public Wolfram Data Repository.

ResourceSearch search for data resources using titles, descriptions, etc.

ResourceObject symbolic representation of a data resource

ResourceData get core data or specific data elements from a data resource

Options get metadata from a data resource

Data Repository Contents

Dataset  ▪  EntityStore  ▪  Association  ▪  Image  ▪  Graph  ▪  ContentObject  ▪  ...

Managing Data Resources

ResourceRemove remove the local cache of a data resource

Creating Private Data Resources

ResourceObject define a data resource from an association of data and metadata

CloudDeploy deploy a data resource to the cloud

SetOptions set metadata options for a data resource