Persistent Storage

The Wolfram Language provides streamlined mechanisms for persistent storage between sessions, both locally and in the cloud.


Local Storage »

LocalObject a handle to a persistent expression or other content stored locally

LocalSymbol a symbol whose value is persistently stored locally

LocalCache cache cloud objects and URLs in local objects

Cloud Storage »

CloudObject a handle to an expression or other content stored in the cloud

CloudExpression a handle to an expression whose parts can be manipulated directly

CloudSymbol a symbol whose value is stored in the cloud

Basic Operations for Local & Cloud Storage

Put  ▪  Save  ▪  Get  ▪  Export  ▪  Import

CopyFile  ▪  DeleteFile

CloudDeploy deploy active content in the cloud

CreateCloudExpression  ▪  CreateDatabin


CreateUUID create a universal unique identifier

URLShorten create a shortened version of a URL

User Interface Preferences

$FrontEnd symbolic representation for the Wolfram System front end

SetOptions programmatically set persistent preferences