Persistent Storage

The Wolfram Language provides streamlined mechanisms for persistent storage between sessions, both locally and in the cloud.

Local Storage »

LocalObject a handle to a persistent expression or other content stored locally

LocalSymbol a symbol whose value is persistently stored locally

LocalCache cache cloud objects and URLs in local objects

Cloud Storage »

CloudObject a handle to an expression or other content stored in the cloud

CloudExpression a handle to an expression whose parts can be manipulated directly

CloudSymbol a symbol whose value is stored in the cloud

Basic Operations for Local & Cloud Storage

Put  ▪  Save  ▪  Get  ▪  Export  ▪  Import

CopyFile  ▪  DeleteFile

CloudDeploy deploy active content in the cloud

CreateCloudExpression  ▪  CreateDatabin


CreateUUID create a universal unique identifier

URLShorten create a shortened version of a URL

Structured Persistent Storage

ResourceObject a structured resource to be deployed or published in the cloud

Databin storage for incrementally added data in Wolfram Data Drop

General Persistent Objects

PersistentValue settable persistent value for session, user, installation, etc.

PersistentObject  ▪  PersistenceLocation

User Interface Preferences

$FrontEnd symbolic representation for the Wolfram System front end

SetOptions programmatically set persistent preferences