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is a graphics primitive that specifies what type of caps should be used at the ends of lines, tubes, and related primitives.


  • The following types can be used in CapForm[type]:
  • "Butt"truncate at the end point
    "Round"put a half-disk at the end point
    "Square"put a half-square at the end point
    Noneput no caps at end points
  • CapForm works in both 2D and 3D.
  • In 2D, the default is CapForm["Square"]. In 3D, the default is CapForm["Round"].
  • CapForm applies to Line, Tube, Circle, and Arrow.
  • CapForm specifications are ignored where an arrowhead appears.
  • CapForm[None] leaves 3D shapes open at their end points.
Introduced in 2008