This feature relies on access to Wolfram Cloud.

gives a list of cloud objects in your current cloud directory.

gives a list of cloud objects in the cloud directory dir.

gives a list of all unnamed cloud objects owned by you.

gives a list of cloud objects of the specified type.

gives a list of cloud objects matching the filters defined by the association assoc.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • In CloudObjects[assoc] the following filters can be given in the association assoc:
  • "Directory"cloud object directory
    "Type"cloud object type
  • Possible values for dir or "Directory" include:
  • Automaticcurrent CloudDirectory
    Noneunnamed objects
    "dir"directory specified by a string
    URL["uri"]directory specified by a cloud object's URL
    CloudObject["dir"]directory specified by a cloud object
  • Possible values for type or "Type" include:
  • APIFunctionweb API
    FormFunctionform to access from the web
    Delayedweb computation
    ScheduledTaskscheduled task
    ExpressionWolfram Language expression
    ExternalBundleexternal bundle
    "format"format supported by Export
    "mimetype"MIME type
    type1|type2|any of the specified types
  • Filters can also be given as options.
  • CloudObjects returns cloud objects that match all the given filters.
Introduced in 2014