is an option for Graphics, Grid, and other constructs that specifies whether to include a frame.


  • The following basic settings can be given:
  • Truedraw a frame around the whole object
    False or Nonedraw no frame
    Alldraw frames around each entry in Grid, etc.
  • For Graphics, Plot, and related functions, Frame->{{left,right},{bottom,top}} specifies whether to draw a frame on each edge. With the default setting FrameTicks->Automatic, ticks are included whenever a frame is drawn.
  • For Grid and related constructs, lists of settings can be given. Common cases include:
  • {All,False}put frames at all horizontal positions (column lines)
    {False,All}put frames at all vertical positions (row lines)
    {-1->True}a frame around the last column
    {False,-1->True}a frame around the last row
  • General settings for Frame in Grid and related constructs can be given as:
  • specapply spec to all items
    {specx}apply at successive horizontal positions
    {specx,specy}apply at successive horizontal and vertical positions
    {specx,specy,rules}also allow explicit rules for individual elements
  • The can have the following forms:
  • {s1,s2,,sn}use through ; then use defaults
    {{c}}use c in all cases
    {{c1,c2}}alternate between and
    {{c1,c2,}}cycle through all
    {s,{c}}use s, then repeatedly use c
    {s1,{c},sn}use , then repeatedly use c, but use at the end
    {s1,s2,,{c1,c2,},sm,,sn}use the first sequence of at the beginning, then cyclically use the , then use the last sequence of at the end
    {s1,s2,,{},sm,,sn}use the first sequence of at the beginning and the last sequence at the end
    {i1->v1,i2->v2,}specify what to use at positions
    {spec,rules}use rules to override specifications in spec
  • With settings of the form , if there are more specified than items across the grid, from the beginning are used for the first items, and ones from the end are used for the last items.
  • Rules of the form can be used to specify frames for regions of a grid.

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Basic Examples  (4)Basic Examples  (4)

Draw a frame around a plot:

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Put a frame on the left and right edges:

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Put a frame around a grid:

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Frame all elements in the grid:

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Specify overall frame style, including frame ticks and frame tick labels, using FrameStyle:

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Introduced in 1991
| Updated in 2007
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