is an option for two-dimensional graphics functions that specifies grid lines.


  • The following settings can be given for GridLines:
  • Noneno grid lines drawn
    Automaticgrid lines placed automatically
    {xgrid,ygrid}grid lines specified separately in each direction
  • With the Automatic setting, grid lines are usually placed at points whose coordinates have the minimum number of digits in their decimal representation.
  • For each direction, the following grid line options can be given:
  • Noneno grid lines drawn
    Automaticgrid line positions chosen automatically
    {x1,x2,}grid lines drawn at the specified positions
    {{x1,style1},}grid lines with specified styles
    funca function to be applied to xmin, xmax to get the grid line option
  • Grid line styles can involve any graphics directives, such as RGBColor and Thickness.
  • The grid line function func[xmin,xmax] may return any other grid line option.
  • AbsoluteOptions gives the explicit form of GridLines specifications when Automatic settings are used.
  • GridLinesStyle gives default styles to use for grid lines.
Introduced in 1991