is an option for various image analysis and processing functions that specifies on which regions they should operate.


  • Masking is also known as region of interest (ROI) or volume of interest (VOI).
  • Masking->All operates on the entire image.
  • With Masking->image, the region of interest corresponds to positive pixels in image.
  • Masking->array operates on regions corresponding to positive values in array.
  • When the region of interest is specified as an array or image, it is taken to be centered on the image to be processed.
  • Masking->graphics rasterizes arbitrary graphics to the size of the image to be processed, and operates on regions that correspond to positive values in the raster.


Basic Examples  (1)

Apply a gamma correction using an image mask:

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See Also

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Introduced in 2010
| Updated in 2012