is an option for cells that specifies various low-level cell settings.


  • The typical usage is PrivateCellOptions->{opt1->val1,opt2->val2,}.
  • The following options may be specified:
  • "CellContentsOpacity"1.opacity level at which to draw the entire contents of the cell
    "CellGroupBaseStyle"{}style to apply to all cells in a given cell group
    "EvaluationUnmatchedStyle""EvaluationUnmatched"style to apply to any output cell when its corresponding input cell is different from the one that originally produced the output cell
    "PagewiseNotebookBaseStyle"{}style to apply to all cells on a given page when viewing the notebook as a whole page
  • "PagewiseNotebookBaseStyle" is typically set on the slide break cell, which is used in slide shows. Any settings set in this style are applied to the entire notebook when the current page is being viewed with the ScrollingOptions->{"PagewiseDisplay"->True} setting.
  • Any cell that is at the top of a cell group has its "CellGroupBaseStyle" setting examined for options that are then applied to every cell in the cell group.
  • When evaluating inputs, the Wolfram System front end internally records a hash value of the state of the input cell and associates that value with the output cell(s) generated by the evaluation. If the input cell is changed so its hash value differs from the one that generated a given output cell, the output cell has the "EvaluationUnmatchedStyle" setting applied to it to indicate that it is no longer synchronized with the input cell.
  • The hash value that is watched by "EvaluationUnmatchedStyle" is preserved as part of the Wolfram System's multiple undo system. Invoking the Undo command to restore previously deleted output cells will also preserve the hash value of the input cell that created those output cells. It is therefore possible when invoking the Undo command to easily observe whether the notebook is in a state where the input and output cells are consistent.
  • The hash values of the input cells are not sensitive to non-semantic whitespace or comments.
  • "CellContentsOpacity" allows the contents of the cell to be drawn in a semi-opaque way without changing the appearance of the background elements of the cell, such as the CellFrame or the cell's Background.

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Make a cell with transparent contents:

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Introduced in 2014