gives an image with pseudorandom pixel values in the range 0 to max.

generates pseudorandom pixel values in the range min to max.

generates pixel values using a symbolic distribution dist.

generates a random image of the specified size.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • RandomImage gives an image where pixel values are drawn from a specified distribution. The pixel values are not correlated spatially.
  • Random images can be used for creating synthetic noise images and image effects.
  • RandomImage by default gives an image of a real type.
  • RandomImage[] is equivalent to RandomImage[1,{150,150}].
  • RandomImage[] is equivalent to RandomImage[,{150,150}].
  • The size specification can be one of the following:
  • {width,height}2D image size specification
    {width,depth,height}3D image size specification
  • The following options are supported:
  • ColorSpaceAutomaticcolor space of the output image
    ImageSizeAutomaticdisplay image size
    MagnificationAutomatichow to magnify the displayed image
Introduced in 2010
| Updated in 2014