returns the spectrogram data of list.

uses partitions of length n.

uses partitions with offset d.

applies a smoothing window wfun to each partition.

returns spectrogram data of sampled sound object.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • SpectrogramArray[list] returns the discrete Fourier transform of partitions of list.
  • SpectrogramArray[list] uses partitions of length and offset Round[n/3], where m is Length[list].
  • If necessary, fixed padding is used on the right to make all the partitions the same size.
  • In SpectrogramArray[list,n,d,wfun], the smoothing window wfun can be specified using a window function that will be sampled between and or a list of length n. The default window is DirichletWindow, which effectively does no smoothing.
  • Possible sound objects include:
  • SampledSoundList[{a1,a2,},r]amplitude levels given in a list
    SampledSoundFunction[f,n,r]amplitude levels generated by a function
    Sound[prims,]excluding SoundNote objects in prims
  • For multichannel sound objects, the spectrogram is computed over the sum of all channels.
  • SpectrogramArray accepts the FourierParameters option. The default setting is FourierParameters->{1,-1}.
Introduced in 2012
| Updated in 2014
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