3D Graphics Options

Mathematica allows you to treat abstract 3D graphics using familiar physical metaphors. It provides not only real-time 3D manipulation, but also detailed programmatic control of features such as orientation, viewing geometry, and lighting, all tightly integrated with Mathematica's symbolic language and real-time dynamic capabilities.


Viewing Geometry

ViewPoint view point relative to the bounding box

ViewCenter, ViewVertical orientation relative to the bounding box

ViewVector camera position and orientation in graphics coordinates

ViewRange, ViewAngle camera range of view and opening angle

ViewMatrix explicit view transformation matrix

SphericalRegion make a graphic rotatable without clipping

RotationAction whether to refit or clip after interactive rotation

Simulated Lighting

Lighting list of light sources

Specularity ▪ Glow ▪ VertexNormals ▪ VertexColors

Box & Axes

Boxed whether to show the bounding box

BoxRatios the shape of the bounding box

BoxStyle ▪ Axes ▪ AxesEdge ▪ AxesStyle ▪ FaceGrids ▪ FaceGridsStyle

FrameStyle ▪ FrameTicksStyle ▪ GridLinesStyle ▪ TicksStyle ▪ LabelStyle

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