Automatic Text Styling Features

Mathematica uses its knowledge of the symbolic structure of your input to display it with semantics-directed syntax coloring and other forms of styling. You can use options to control the details of this behavior, either programmatically or through the Preferences dialog.


Preferences ► Appearance set details of syntax coloring

ShowAutoStyles whether to display syntax coloring and other automatic styling

Preferences ► Evaluation formatting of numbers (digit blocks, default precision, etc.)

AutoMultiplicationSymbol whether to display for number multiplication

ShowStringCharacters whether to display quotes around strings

ShowSpecialCharacters whether to turn \[...] sequences into special characters

InputAliases definitions for arbitrary Esc aliases

InputAutoReplacements automatic character sequence replacements to do

AutoItalicWords words to automatically make italic

SingleLetterItalics whether to make single-letter mathematical variables italic

AutoIndent whether to add an indent after a newline is entered

TabSpacings ▪ TabFilling

DelimiterFlashTime how long to flash matching delimiters

ShowCursorTracker whether to display a real-time spot if the cursor jumps

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