New in 6.0: Notebooks & Documents

Version 6.0 greatly extended Mathematica's powerful symbolic document paradigm, integrating support for editable symbolic graphics, structure-programmable table layouts, active annotations, and dynamic interactive controls—and allowing all aspects of notebooks and documents to be created directly in terms of simple symbolic constructs.


New Formatting & Styling Functions »

double-click cell bracket hide any part of a cell group, e.g. leaving only results visible

Style direct access to all styling options for any expression

Bold ▪ Italic ▪ Underlined ▪ Text ▪ Framed ▪ Labeled

Format ► Edit Stylesheet now supporting cascading stylesheets

New Active Elements

Hyperlink ▪ Tooltip ▪ Mouseover ▪ PopupWindow ▪ Dynamic ▪ Manipulate ▪

New Grid & Layout Functions »

Grid lay out a grid of elements with many styling, spacing, framing, etc. options

SpanFromLeft, ... full support for spanning rows and columns

Row ▪ Column ▪ Spacer ▪ GraphicsGrid ▪ ...

New Document Generation Functions »

CreateDocument immediately create any notebook document

TextCell ▪ CellGroup ▪ DocumentNotebook ▪ ...

New Graphics Formatting »

Graphics, Graphics3D (modified) now with inline display, interactivity, etc.

Graphics ► Drawing Tools draw or edit graphics interactively

New Notebook & Session Options

CellContext cell- and notebook-localizable variable scoping

$OutputSizeLimit ▪ CellEvaluationFunction ▪ CellEventActions ▪

WindowSize (modified) now supports full-screen mode (F12)

DockedCells ▪ WindowOpacity ▪ NotebookDirectory

Notebook History

New Document & Export Types

New ► Package (.m) native .m semantics-enhanced package editor

New ► Slide Show ▪ New ► Demonstration ▪

"PDF" ▪ "HTML" (modified) ▪ "Flash" ▪

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