New in 6.0: System Interfaces & Deployment

Mathematica 6.0 represented one of the world's most advanced software engineering endeavors. Building on Mathematica's symbolic programming foundations, a series of software engineering innovations made possible the new dynamic interactivity of Mathematica 6.0, and further extended Mathematica's highly efficient cross-platform communication capabilities.


New Dynamic Interactivity Support »

Dynamic ▪ DynamicModule ▪ Refresh ▪ ...

New External Device Support »

ControllerManipulate ▪ ControllerInformation ▪ ...

New System Control & Monitoring

SystemInformation complete system information

CurrentValue ▪ $MachineDomains ▪ $MachineAddresses ▪ MemoryInUse (enhanced) ▪ $SystemWordLength ▪ $CharacterEncodings ▪ SystemOptions ▪ SetSystemOptions

New Integrated Web Services Support

InstallService install a WSDL-described web service

New File Capabilities

FileHash ▪ FilePrint ▪ FileNames (modified) ▪ Import (modified)

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