Web Operations

Mathematica provides many mechanisms for interfacing with the web—from exporting graphics and structured active documents to interacting with web services, importing web data, supporting web-oriented XML, interfacing with web servers, and creating complete webMathematica-driven websites.


Creating Web Pages »

Export export any graphic, expression, or notebook to all standard web formats

"HTML" ▪ "GIF" ▪ "JPEG" ▪ "Flash" ▪ "XHTML+MathML" ▪ "PDF" ▪ ...

HTTP Operations

URLFetch fetch the contents of a URL as a string

URLSave save the contents of a URL to a file

URLFetchAsynchronous ▪ URLSaveAsynchronous ▪ $HTTPCookies

Web Import »

Import import from web URLs, extracting data and content

"HTML" ▪ "XML" ▪ "ApacheLog" ▪ "RSS" ▪ ...

Web Services »

InstallService install web services from a WSDL description


XMLElement, XMLObject general symbolic representation of XML

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