XML Formats

Mathematica's core tree-oriented symbolic language makes it uniquely suited to working with XML. Mathematica can not only import—from files or the web—arbitrary XML with any DTD, but also has special support for handling the most popular XML formats.


"XML" generic XML documents, represented as symbolic XML (.xml)

XMLElement ▪ XMLObject ▪ ImportString ▪ ExportString

"XHTML" XML-syntax HTML (.xhtml)

"MathML" MathML math content format

"XHTMLMathML" XHTML with embedded MathML (.xhtml)

"JVX" JavaView format (.jvx)

"RSS" RSS feed format (.rss)

"SVG" Scalable Vector Graphics format (.svg)

"X3D" X3D web geometry format (.x3d)

"XLSX" Excel 2007 format (.xlsx)

"ODS" OpenDocument spreadsheet format (.ods)

"ExpressionML" Mathematica expression XML format (.xml)

Common Data Elements

"XMLElement" — XML represented as an expression tree

"XMLObject" — entire XML document

"Data" — numerical and textual data

"Rules" — rules for all elements

"Elements" — all available elements

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