ImageMeasurements[image, "prop"]
returns the value of property for the entire image.


  • ImageMeasurements[image, {"prop1", "prop2", ...}] computes multiple properties.
  • ImageMeasurements[image, "Properties"] gives the names of all available properties as a list of strings.
  • Position, area, and length measurements are computed in the standard image coordinate system where position corresponds to the bottom-left corner, runs from to width, and runs from to height.
  • For images of type or , ImageMeasurements always normalizes values to lie between 0 and 1.
  • The following properties can be computed on images:
  • Global image properties:
  • "AspectRatio"ratio of height to width
    "Channels"number of image channels
    "ColorSpace"image color space
    "DataRange"range of the underlying data
    "DataType"underlying data type
    "Dimensions"dimensions of the image
    "Interleaving"interleavingness of the image
    "SampleDepth"number of bits used to represent each pixel
    "Transparency"whether or not the image has an alpha channel
  • Basic histogram properties, measured for each channel individually:
  • "Min"minimum value
    "Max"maximum value
    "Mean"average value
    "Median"median value
    "StandardDeviation"standard deviation
    "Total"total of all values
  • Basic image intensity properties:
  • "MinIntensity"minimum intensity
    "MaxIntensity"maximum intensity
    "MeanIntensity"average intensity
    "MedianIntensity"median intensity
    "StandardDeviationIntensity"standard deviation of the intensity distribution
    "TotalIntensity"total intensity
  • Spatial intensity measurements:
  • "Skew"asymmetry in intensity distribution
    "IntensityCentroid"coordinates of the intensity-weighted centroid
  • Statistical measurements:
  • "Entropy"data entropy (base E)
    "Energy"data energy
  • ImageMeasurements also works with Image3D objects.

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Basic Examples (2)Basic Examples (2)

Extract mean color value:

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Mean pixel intensity:

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Global image entropy:

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Test an image to see if it has an alpha channel:

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