ImageResize[image, width]
gives a resized version of image that is width pixels wide.

ImageResize[image, {s}]
gives a resized version of image with a maximum pixel width or height given by s.

ImageResize[image, {width, height}]
gives a resized version of image that has exactly the specified pixel width and height.

ImageResize[image, {width, depth, height}]
gives a resized version of a 3D image with the specified dimensions.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • ImageResize[image, w] and ImageResize[image, {s}] preserve the original aspect ratio of image.
  • Specifications for either of the dimensions can be any of the following:
  • dd pixels
    {d}maximum d pixels
    Scaled[s]a multiple s of the original size
    Automaticdetermine value from aspect ratio
    Tiny,Small,Medium,Largepredefined absolute sizes
  • ImageResize[image, w] is equivalent to ImageResize[image, {w, Automatic}].
  • ImageResize[image, {s}] is equivalent to ImageResize[image, {{s}, {s}}].
  • By default ImageResize automatically chooses the most suitable resampling algorithm. An explicit algorithm can be specified by setting the Resampling option.
  • To obtain an image with an aspect ratio r, use ImageResize[image, w{1, r}].
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