What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 4.3

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A list of key new features since SystemModeler 4.2.


  • Easy sharing of complete models, including all dependencies (libraries, shapes, tables, code, etc.).
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  • Package models with stored plots, which will immediately be shown when simulating.


  • Ability to create and use stored plots in Simulation Center.
  • Support for custom units for plots and parameters in Simulation Center.
  • Explicit indications given when parameter values cannot be changed.
  • Improved model compilation speed for large models of up to 40%.


  • Documentation now includes complete listing of example uses for each component.
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  • Improved diagram editor, making it easy to add points to connection lines for neat model diagrams.
  • The diagram editor now automatically brings up color, file and port picker dialogs when appropriate.
  • Complete coverage of all Modelica syntactical errors, with detailed diagnostics.


  • SystemModeler educational and industry examples are now bundled with the product.
  • All SystemModeler examples have been updated with stored plots for immediate use.
  • Updated Modelica by Example book.

Wolfram Language Integration

  • Create and use stored plots for models.
  • Ability to drill down into model diagrams for components.
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  • Support for parallel simulation over different inputs to the model.
  • Performance improvement for model simulation (roughly twice).
  • Performance improvement for model diagram drawing (roughly twice).
  • New summary property for model and simulation data.
  • New documentation property for model data, making documentation instantly available.
  • Support for import and export of CombiTimeTable, the data storage format used by Modelica.
  • Improved feedback for simulation commands when changing parameters and initial values.