What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 4.2

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.1 | 4.0

A list of key new features since SystemModeler 4.1.


  • Line crossings in model diagrams now indicate connection or crossing.

  • New user interface support for signal buses with expandable connectors. »

  • Parameters and variables can be changed in specialized editors, including an array editor etc. »

  • File paths in models can now be chosen in file dialogs.

  • Image files can be dragged into diagrams and icons.
  • Configurable tooltips are now broadly supported in the interface. »
  • Support for custom gravity fields in 3D modeling.


  • Up to twice as fast model compilation from Modelica code to simulation executable.
  • Support for automatic object trajectories in the 3D animation view. »

  • Model code generation decomposition enabling support for larger simulation models.
  • Real-time simulation settings can now be stored back into models from Simulation Center. »

Wolfram Language Integration

  • Support for model creation from time series and other data. »
  • Automatic model conversion for discrete-time transfer function and state-space models. »
  • Automatic string autocompletions for model names.
  • Faster and more accurate plots in WSMPlot.
  • Faster simulation result retrieval in the Wolfram Language.


  • 64-bit version now available for Windows, allowing for large models and simulations.
  • Support for Visual Studio Express 2015, with up to six times speedup.
  • Updated Modelica by Example book.

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.1 | 4.0