What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 4.1

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.2 | 4.0


  • SystemModeler capabilities for exporting models have now been extended to importing models. »
  • Based on the FMI Standard, enables import from tools such as Simulink, Flowmaster, and IBM Rational Rhapsody.
  • Import subsystems, e.g. control system models from other tools, and integrate them with your Modelica models.
  • Possible to exchange models without exposing intellectual property.

System Reliability

  • Mathematica's complete suite for reliability analysis is now fully integrated. »
  • Perform reliability and physical behavior analysis by attaching annotations to your Modelica models. »
  • Support for all common parametric lifetime distributions (exponential, Weibull, Erlang, ...).
  • Organize systems in series, parallel, and other structures.
  • Construct hierarchical models containing reliability block diagrams and fault trees.


  • Input and display in the unit system of your choice: SI, Imperial, and other.
  • Input and display with the prefix of your choice, such as milli, kilo, mega. »
  • Copy and paste components between models. »
  • Up to 50 times faster operations in the graphical user interface.


  • Use simulated results as inputs to new experiments by exporting results to CombiTimeTables. »
  • Easily create inputs to your models with Mathematica's TimeSeries.
  • TimeSeries supports regular or irregular sampling, scalar or vector values, and single or multiple series.


  • Search results are now categorized into Library Documentation, SystemModeler Documentation, Modelica by Example and Other.
  • Search now includes libraries installed from the SystemModeler library store.
  • Search inside documentation pages.
  • Quickly find related information using cross-links between the "Getting Started" tutorial and the Introductory Examples library.
  • Learn more about Modelica with the updated Modelica by Example book.


  • Organize your workspace using Mac full screen support.
  • Detailed configuration of print settings.
  • High DPI screen support.

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.2 | 4.0