gives CUDAMemory with specified type and single dimension.


gives CUDAMemory with specified type and dimensions.


  • The CUDALink application must be loaded using Needs["CUDALink`"].
  • Possible types for CUDAMemoryAllocate are:
  • IntegerRealComplex
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Device"$CUDADeviceCUDA device used in computation
    "TargetPrecision"Automaticprecision used in computation


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Basic Examples  (4)

First, load the CUDALink application:

This allocates a rank 3 tensor with each dimension 10:

Information about memory can be retrieved via CUDAMemoryInformation:

This unloads the memory:

For a single dimension, the length can be an integer:

Link CUDAMemoryLoad; different types are supported:

Adding memory as Real or Complex gets the type based on whether the device supports double precision or not:

In this case, the CUDA device has double-precision support:

The behavior can be forced to change by setting the "TargetPrecision":

Applications  (1)

This sets all elements in a list to 0:

This allocates the required memory:

This loads the function:

This runs the function:

This shows information about the memory; note that the "DeviceStatus" is "Synchronized":

This gets the memory from the GPU:

This shows information about the memory; note that the "DeviceStatus" and "HostStatus" are "Synchronized":

Possible Issues  (1)

Getting memory from the GPU for unset allocated memory returns random results: