Permutation Groups

PermutationGroupQ test if a list of permutations forms a permutation group

MultiplicationTable  ▪  SamenessRelation

CyclicGroup group of circular shift permutations

DihedralGroup dihedral group

SymmetricGroup  ▪  AlternatingGroup  ▪  KSubsetGroup  ▪  KSubsetGroupIndex

MultiplicationTable obtain a table of group multiplications

Orbits find orbits induced by the action of the group

ReflexiveQ  ▪  TransitiveQ

OrbitRepresentatives  ▪  OrbitInventory

CycleStructure compute cycle structure of a permutation

CycleIndex cycle index of a group of permutations

SymmetricGroupIndex cycle index of a symmetric group

CyclicGroupIndex  ▪  DihedralGroupIndex  ▪  AlternatingGroupIndex

SymmetricGroupIndex  ▪  PairGroup  ▪  PairGroupIndex