Subsets and Permutations

Permutations »

Permutations list permutations of a set of integers

SignaturePermutation sign or parity of a permutation

InversePermutation apply an inverse permutation

DistinctPermutations  ▪  IdentityPermutation

NextPermutation  ▪  RankPermutation  ▪  RandomPermutation  ▪  ...

Inversions number of inversions

Index index of a permutation

PermutationGraph graph for a permutation

DurfeeSquare  ▪  EncroachingListSet

PermutationType  ▪  Runs  ▪  Eulerian  ▪  ...

Permutation Groups »

CyclicGroup group of circular shift permutations

Orbits orbits induced by the action of the group

CycleIndex cycle index of a group of permutations

DihedralGroup  ▪  OrbitRepresentatives  ▪  ...

Subsets and Cycles »

Strings subsets with repeating elements

BinarySubsets enumerate subsets

KSubsets subsets with elements

NextBinarySubset  ▪  RankBinarySubset

LexicographicSubsets  ▪  RandomSubset  ▪  ...

ToCycles find cycles for a permutation

HideCycles represent the cycle in canonical form

FromCycles  ▪  PermutationWithCycle  ▪  ...