As of Version 10, most of the functionality of the Combinatorica package is built into the Wolfram System. >>


returns g with the options opts set.


returns the graph with the options vopts set for vertices v1, v2, and the options gopts set for the graph g.


with edges e1, e2, works similarly.


returns g with the options opts1 set for the elements in the sequence elements1, the options opts2 set for the elements in the sequence elements2, and so on.


  • SetGraphOptions functionality is now available in the built-in Wolfram Language function SetProperty.
  • To use SetGraphOptions, you first need to load the Combinatorica Package using Needs["Combinatorica`"].
  • Here, elements can be a sequence of edges or a sequence of vertices. A tag that takes on values One or All can also be passed in as an argument before any options.
  • The default value of the tag is All and it is useful if the graph has multiple edges. It informs the function about whether all edges that connect a pair of vertices are to be affected or only one edge is affected.