DatabaseLink Connections and Resources

DatabaseLink provides a number of functions for connection to an SQL database. It also supports a resource mechanism that allows the details of how the connection is set up to be hidden. This can simplify and increase the robustness of the connection process.


OpenSQLConnection connect to a data resource

$SQLUseConnectionPool whether to use a connection pool when connecting

CloseSQLConnection  ▪  SQLConnectionPoolClose

SQLConnections, SQLConnectionPools list SQL connections and connection pools

SQLConnectionInformation list information about open SQL connections

SQLConnectionOpenQ client validity test for SQL connection

SQLConnectionUsableQ server validity test for SQL connection

$SQLTimeout how long the Wolfram Language waits while opening connections

Data Resources

DataSourceNames list data sources configured on your system

DataSources list information about configured data sources

DatabaseResourcesPath list of directories to search for database resources

WriteDataSource write a new data source configuration

JDBCDriverNames list available JDBC drivers

JDBCDrivers list information about available JDBC drivers

Database Servers

SQLServerLaunch launch a database server that can be accessed over a network

SQLServers list the open database servers

SQLServerInformation list information about open database servers

SQLServerShutdown shut down a database server