writes a new HSQL data source name.


writes a new data source for database.

Details and Options

  • To use WriteDataSource, you first need to load DatabaseLink using Needs["DatabaseLink`"].
  • The following options can be given:
  • "Description"""textual description of the data source
    "URL"AutomaticURL to use in the JDBC setting
    "Username"Automaticusername for the connection
    "Password"Automaticpassword for the connection
    "Properties"{}properties to set for this connection
    "Location"Userwhere to install the data source
    "RelativePath"Automaticwhether file-based databases have a relative path
    "UseConnectionPool"Automaticwhether a connection pool should be used
    "ReadOnly"Automaticwhether the connection should be read only


Basic Examples  (2)

Create a new data source named testSource that will use the HSQL database:

Open a connection to the new source:

Create a new data source that includes the Username and Password and is available to the executing user:

View the created configuration file: