DatabaseLink Tables and Data

DatabaseLink has functions for working with the tables of data in a database. It can create and drop tables, as well as fetch information about the organization of tables in the database.

SQLCreateTable, SQLDropTable create and drop tables

SQLTables, SQLTableNames list tables in an SQL connection

SQLTableInformation list information about the tables

SQLTablePrivileges table access rights

SQLTablePrimaryKeys primary key descriptions

SQLTableImportedKeys  ▪  SQLTableExportedKeys

SQLTableIndexInformation table indices and statistics

SQLTableTypeNames supported table types in an SQL connection

SQLDataTypeNames supported data types

SQLDataTypeInformation information about supported data types

SQLColumns, SQLColumnNames list columns in an SQL connection

SQLColumnInformation list information about the columns

SQLColumnPrivileges column access rights

SQLCatalogNames  ▪  SQLSchemaNames  ▪  SQLSchemaInformation

$SQLTimeout how long the Wolfram Language waits while executing queries