Create a New Tech Note

Tech Notes provide a deeper look into a paclets functionality.

Click on the icon for the Tech Note tab and then click the New Tech Note button:

After filling in the Title field and clicking the OK button, a blank tech note is created in the Documentation directory of the paclet:

Fill in various pieces of text. In the tables left column type in various paclet functions and in the right column insert brief descriptions of what each function does:

Select functions in the left column of the table:

Use the Template Input button to link them one-by-one:

Functions in the left column are now linked by repeating the above steps:

Also provide examples of how the paclets functionality may be used:

  • You can also ignore the tech note name and fill it in later.
  • When you fill in the name of a tech note, it automatically populates the metadata for you. If you ignore the tech note name, you must fill those in yourself.


Upon creation, the tech note is automatically saved in the documentation folder of your paclet.