is an option for DendrogramPlot that specifies labels for the dendrogram leaves.


  • To use LeafLabels, you first need to load the Hierarchical Clustering Package using Needs["HierarchicalClustering`"].
  • For an input list, possible settings for LeafLabels are None, Automatic, a list of labels equal in length to the number of leaves, or a pure function.
  • For an input cluster c, possible settings for LeafLabels are None or a pure function.
  • With the setting LeafLabels->Automatic, the leaves are labeled according to the data element position.
  • With the setting LeafLabels->f, where f is a pure function, the leaf corresponding to the data element e is labeled with f[e].
  • For a truncated dendrogram, a boxed number is substituted for the label indicating the size of the truncated cluster.


Basic Examples  (1)

Dendrogram labeling leaves with the associated data elements: