launches a kernel with the given specification.


launches kernels in parallel.

Details and Options

  • RemoteKernelOpen is used by LaunchKernels to start a parallel kernel with the Lightweight Grid protocol.
  • The argument to RemoteKernelOpen can be a hostname, a Lightweight Grid Manager URL, a RemoteServicesAgent expression, or a RemoteService expression.
  • Use RemoteKernelClose or RemoteKernelCloseAll to close the kernel.
  • With the default setting "LocalLinkMode"->"Connect", the remote kernel creates a link and Mathematica connects to it. With "LocalLinkMode"->"Create", Mathematica creates a link and the remote kernel connects to it. Some network configurations do not allow Mathematica to connect to links created on the remote computer, requiring "LocalLinkMode" -> "Create" to establish a connection.
  • The following options can be given:
  • "LocalLinkMode""Connect"how to establish the link
    "Service" ""names the service to launch
    "Timeout"30the timeout for the network connection, in seconds


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Basic Examples  (1)

Open one kernel on a remote computer:

Evaluate an expression on the remote kernel:

Close the kernel:

Scope  (1)

Open kernels on a multi-core machine:

Options  (3)

"LocalLinkMode"  (1)

Let the remote kernel create a MathLink link and connect to it in this Mathematica session:

Create the MathLink link in this Mathematica session running on and have the remote kernel connect to it:

"Service"  (1)

Open a kernel using the "ProjectGamma" service on

"Timeout"  (1)

Wait 2.5 seconds for a response from before returning: