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IMathLink.GetComplexArray Method 

Reads a list as a one-dimensional array of complex numbers.

[Visual Basic]
Function GetComplexArray() As Object()
object[] GetComplexArray();


The expression being read must be a list or other depth-1 expression of Complex.

This method will read the expression, but return null, if no .NET class has yet been established to use for complex numbers by setting the ComplexType property.

The expression does not need to have head List. In other words, it could be Foo[I, 2-I]. The information about the head is lost; if you need this information you can either use GetArray(Type leafType, int depth, out string[] heads), or read the expression as an Expr and examine it using the Expr methods.


Exception TypeCondition
MathLinkExceptionIf the waiting data cannot be read in this format, or on any other MathLink error.

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