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IMathLink.PutMessage Method 

Sends a low-level MathLink message.

[Visual Basic]
Sub PutMessage( _
   ByVal msg As MathLinkMessage _
void PutMessage(
   MathLinkMessage msg


The message to send; will be one of MathLinkMessage.Abort or MathLinkMessage.Interrupt.


Do not confuse this type of message, used mainly for communicating requests to interrupt or abort computations, with Mathematica warning messages, which are unrelated.

To abort a Mathematica computation, use PutMessage(MathLinkMessage.Abort). If a computation is successfully aborted, it will return the symbol $Aborted.

Few programmers will use this method directly, as they will be working with the higher-level IKernelLink interface, which has methods for aborting and interrupting computations.

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