a container used by RLink to represent pieces of R code corresponding to R objects not directly supported by RLink.


  • The code parameter is a string of R code which, when parsed and evaluated, would normally (but not always) produce an object in R workspace equivalent to the one represented by this code. This string is obtained by applying an R deparse function to the original R object being imported in the Wolfram Language.
  • RLink does not guarantee that all objects imported into a Wolfram System session and represented by RCode[code] will result in identical objects created in R workspace if exported back into R (from the Wolfram Language). Therefore, generally RCode provides a form of representation for such objects, but not a form of equivalence.
  • RLink does not guarantee that larger objects containing elements represented by RCode will be correctly exported from the Wolfram Language to R.
  • Expressions with an RCode head transform trivially (are left unchanged) by the functions ToRForm and FromRForm.


Basic Examples  (1)

This loads RLink:

This creates a simple linear model:

The result is a rather complex R object:

It contains certain elements that are not directly supported by RLink, particularly formulas and unevaluated R code:

Some of these elements are parts of the object's attributes rather than the object's data. These are the attributes of the linear model R object:

Inspecting them, you can find such attributes: