a container used by RLink to represent any R environment.


  • Only the global R environment is fully supported. All other R environments are still represented by REnvironment[], but the specific information about them is lost. Therefore, R objects whose Wolfram Language representation contains references to non-global R environments cannot generally be correctly exported back to R.
  • Like RCode, REnvironment is a head providing representation rather than equivalence. Exporting to R objects previously imported to the Wolfram Language (or their parts) containing any of these heads is not guaranteed to produce equivalent objects in the R workspace.
  • Expressions with the REnvironment head transform trivially (are left unchanged) by the functions ToRForm and FromRForm.


Basic Examples  (1)

This loads RLink:

This creates a simple linear model:

The result is a rather complex R object:

Some parts of this object contain explicit reference to an R environment:

This can also be seen as follows: