As of Version 8.0, BoxWhiskerPlot has been renamed to BoxWhiskerChart and is part of the built-in Wolfram Language kernel.


creates a boxandwhisker plot of the given vector of data.


creates multiple boxandwhisker plots.


also creates multiple boxandwhisker plots, with each column of the matrix used for a separate box.



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Basic Examples  (1)

A box-and-whisker plot for a standard normal sample:

A box-and-whisker plot for a normal sample and a uniform sample:

Options  (9)

BoxExtraSpacing  (1)

A default box-and-whisker plot for two datasets:

Add an additional box width between the plots:

BoxLabels  (1)

Give explicit labels for plots:

BoxLineStyle  (1)

Use dashed rather than solid lines in the plot:

BoxMedianStyle  (1)

Display the median line as a dashed line:

BoxOrientation  (1)

Orient the graphic horizontally:

BoxOutliers  (1)

Mark near and far outliers identically:

Use triangles for near outliers and squares for far outliers:

BoxOutlierMarkers  (1)

Use triangles for near outliers and squares for far outliers:

BoxQuantile  (1)

The default covers the middle 50% of the data:

Cover the middle 90%:

BoxFillingStyle  (1)

Use a light gray to shade the box: