is an option for StemLeafPlot that specifies how leaves should be displayed.

Details and Options

  • To use Leaves, you first need to load the Statistical Plots Package using Needs["StatisticalPlots`"].
  • Valid settings for the option Leaves are "Digits", "Tallies", or None.
  • With the default setting Leaves->"Digits", leaves are represented by the single digit obtained by rounding the digits remaining after the stem is removed.
  • With the setting Leaves->"Tallies", leaves are represented as tally marks with the default tally symbol "X".
  • With the setting Leaves->None, the leaf column is not included in the plot.
  • Leaves can take the following suboptions:
  • "LeafDigits" 1number of digits to use for each leaf
    "LeafSpacing" Automaticnumber of spaces between displayed leaves
    "LeafWrapping" Nonewhen leaves should be wrapped to a new line
    "RoundLeaves" Truewhether data entries should be rounded before determining leaves
    "TallySymbol" "X"symbol to use for each leaf
  • Valid settings for "LeafDigits" are positive integers.
  • Valid settings for the suboption "LeafSpacing" are Automatic or a non-negative integer.
  • With the default setting "LeafSpacing"->Automatic, zero spaces are used when "LeafDigits"->1 and one space is used otherwise.
  • Valid settings for "LeafWrapping" are None or a positive integer indicating the number of leaves to display before wrapping to a new line.
  • "RoundLeaves" specifies whether values should be rounded to the last leaf digit before allocating leaves to a stem.
  • Valid settings for "TallySymbol" are any string or symbol.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Represent leaves with tally marks:

Options  (5)

"LeafDigits"  (1)

Display each leaf with two digits:

"LeafSpacing"  (1)

Insert three spaces between leaves:

"LeafWrapping"  (1)

Wrap to a new line after two leaves:

"RoundLeaves"  (1)

Construct leaves without first rounding to the number of leaf digits:

"TallySymbol"  (1)

Represent leaves as check marks:

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