is an option for StemLeafPlot which specifies the integer power of 10 to be used as the stem unit.

Details and Options

  • To use StemExponent, you first need to load the Statistical Plots Package using Needs["StatisticalPlots`"].
  • Valid settings for StemExponent are Automatic or an integer.
  • With the setting StemExponent->n, the base unit is taken to be 10n.
  • With the default setting StemExponent->Automatic, the magnitude of the base unit for stems is chosen based on the data.
  • StemExponent can take the following suboptions:
  • "UnitDivisions" 1number of divisions for each stem unit
    "DivisionLabels"Nonelist of labels appended to stem numbers within each unit division
  • With the setting StemExponent->{n,"UnitDivisions"->m}, the interval between i 10n and (i+1)10n is divided into m stems.
  • Valid settings for the suboption "DivisionLabels" are None or a list of labels of a length equal to the setting for the "UnitDivisions" suboption.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Specify a base unit of 101:

Options  (2)

"UnitDivisions"  (1)

Specify that stem units be divided in 2:

"UnitDivisions"  (1)

Label the two divisions with "L" and "H":

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