Triangle is a quality triangle mesh generator [1]. TriangleLink is a Wolfram System application that uses Wolfram LibraryLink to link to Triangle functions. It is used automatically by the Wolfram Language for various operations, such as interpolation in two-dimensional domains. However, it can also be used directly where it gives a flexible and innovative way to use the functionality of Triangle.

TriangleCreate create an instance of a Triangle expression

TriangleExpression an instance of a Triangle expression

TriangleTriangulate triangulate a Triangle expression

TriangleDelete  ▪  TriangleExpressions  ▪  TriangleConvexHull  ▪  TriangleDelaunay  ▪  $TriangleInstallationDirectory  ▪  $TriangleLibrary


TriangleGetPoints return the points in a Triangle expression

TriangleGetSegments  ▪  TriangleGetElementAttributes  ▪  TriangleGetElements  ▪  TriangleGetNeighbors  ▪  TriangleGetPointMarkers  ▪  TriangleGetRegions  ▪  TriangleGetHoles   ▪  TriangleGetSegmentMarkers


TriangleSetPoints set the points in a Triangle expression

TriangleSetSegments set the segments in a Triangle expression

TriangleSetHoles  ▪  TriangleSetPointMarkers  ▪  TriangleSetRegions   ▪  TriangleSetSegmentMarkers  ▪  TriangleSetTriangleAreas