sets the holes in a Triangle expression.

Details and Options

  • To use TriangleSetHoles, you first need to load it using Needs["TriangleLink`"].
  • TriangleSetHoles indicates to Triangle where a hole is located in a mesh.


Basic Examples  (1)

To use TriangleLink, it must first be loaded:

Start by specifying the coordinates and displaying them:

Then create the input instance and set the points:

Next, the list of segments is created:

Set the segments in the input instance of Triangle:

Set the region holes in the Triangle input instance with the TriangleSetHoles command:

With TriangleGetHoles, you can retrieve the value set in the Triangle instance:

Here is a picture of the bounding facet and the facet hole position:

This carries out the triangulation, returning a new Triangle instance:

This extracts the points and elements from the triangulation:

With the following support function, you can visualize the triangles: