gives detailed information about the Unity Engine being run.


gives a list of rules with information about the component "comp".

UnityInformation ["comp","prop"]

gives the value of property "prop" for component "comp".


  • When run in a notebook interface, UnityInformation[] yields a graphical form; otherwise, it gives a list of rules.
  • UnityInformation[All] always gives a list of rules.
  • Typical possible components to specify include:
  • "Engine"Unity Engine used to run game simulations
    "Editor"Unity Editor used to design games
    "System"current system Unity is running on
  • UnityInformation["comp","Properties"] gives a list of names of properties for component "comp".
  • UnityInformation["Components"] gives a list of names of components.


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Basic Examples  (1)

To use UnityLink, you need first to load the package:

Start the local Unity engine:

Display system information; browse to the relevant tab for details:

Give the Unity engine version:

Scope  (3)

Get a list of all known components:

Get a list of all available properties for a given component:

Get the value of a particular property: