Getting Started with Web Services

Loading the Package

Web Services Link is a Wolfram System add-on application. Before any functions from the package can be used, it must be loaded as follows.

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Installing a Web Service

InstallService will install the web service operations defined by a supplied WSDL as Wolfram Language functions. The functions created are returned in a list.

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Naming a Web Service

The functions created by InstallService are placed in a context based on the service name and port name specified by the WSDL. A user can change this context by supplying a valid Wolfram Language context to InstallService.

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By default the context of a web service is added to the $ContextPath. This allows users to call the functions without having to specify the context. However, there is a danger that the functions installed by InstallService will collide with other functions already defined in the Wolfram Language on $ContextPath. If a user does not want the web service context added to $ContextPath, then the user should set AllowShortContext->False. If this option is set to False, then the entire context will need to be specified in order to call a function.

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Inspecting Web Service Functions

$InstalledServices may be used to determine which web service functions are installed. This is a list of all the web service functions installed.

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The usage message for each function may be inspected to discover how the function works. ?SymbolName may be used to get the usage message for a symbol. For instance, ?HelloWorld retrieves the usage message for HelloWorld. The usage message for a web service function is populated with the documentation provided by the WSDL.

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Each usage message contains a function signature that may be used to call the function. For instance, HelloWorld does not require any parameters and returns a string.

Executing a Web Service Function

The usage message should be a starting point for determining what to input as parameters and what to expect as a result. Once this is determined, the function may be executed. A web service function may be executed just like any other Wolfram Language function.

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