Package Bulletproofing

The Wolfram Language makes it easy to "bulletproof" packages, and prevent features of their environment from affecting their internal operation.

Localizing Variables »

Module localize names of variables

Namespace Bulletproofing

BeginPackage isolate names by declaring a separate context for package functions

Begin isolate names in the implementation of a package

Symbol Protection

Protect protect a symbol against redefinition

ReadProtected protect against definitions being read

Locked attribute to prevent protection from being changed

Evaluation Bulletproofing

Block block out changes to system or other variables

BlockRandom block out reseeding of pseudorandom generators

CheckAbort  ▪  AbortProtect  ▪  TimeConstrained  ▪  MemoryConstrained

Version Compatibility

$VersionNumber Wolfram System version number for comparisons

$SystemID short description of computer system

Notebook Interface Bulletproofing

Deploy  ▪  Selectable  ▪  Editable  ▪  Visible  ▪  CellContext