evaluates expr with all pseudorandom generators localized, so that uses of SeedRandom, RandomInteger, and related functions within the evaluation of expr do not affect subsequent pseudorandom sequences.

Details and Options

  • BlockRandom[expr] in effect saves the states of all pseudorandom generators before evaluating expr, then restores them afterwards.
  • BlockRandom[expr] always gives the same result as just evaluating expr, though it can affect values obtained for subsequent expressions.
  • BlockRandom[expr,RandomSeeding->seeding] specifies that the random generators should be seeded with the specified seeding before evaluating expr.
  • BlockRandom has attribute HoldFirst.
  • Many built-in functions in the Wolfram Language effectively use BlockRandom.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use BlockRandom to localize the use of a pseudorandom generator:

Use BlockRandom to prevent one use of a randomized algorithm from affecting others:

Scope  (1)

BlockRandom works with all pseudorandom generators in the Wolfram Language:

Options  (3)

RandomSeeding  (3)

Use a particular random seed to ensure predictable results:

When a generator is used outside BlockRandom, the results without seeding are changed:

Use a RandomGeneratorState object to simultaneously specify the seed and method:

Use Automatic seeding to get different results every time:

Applications  (2)

Run a randomized algorithm without affecting other random sequences:

Compute a Monte Carlo approximation to :

BlockRandom prevents other random sequences from being affected:

Get the "same" random number at different precisions:

Properties & Relations  (1)

BlockRandom effectively does the same as resetting the random seed to its previous value:

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