Presentations with the Wolfram System

The Wolfram System's unified computation and dynamic document architecture make possible a new level of interactive presentationnotably allowing finished "slides" on which full interactive input and dynamic computation can still be done. The Wolfram Language's cell-structured documents also conveniently allow calculations leading up to graphics or other elements to be maintained in the underlying document, but hidden for presentation.

New Presenter Notebook create a slide show notebook containing dynamic editable content

Palettes Classic Slide Show open the Classic Slide Show palette

Magnification set the magnification for a notebook

Window Full Screen () make a notebook full screen ( again to revert)

Manipulate create a dynamic interactive version of any graphic or other expression

Animate create an animation from any function

ListAnimate animate a list of graphics or other expressions

SlideView view any list of graphics or other expressions as slides

TabView use tabs to select between any list of graphics or other expressions

Export export graphics, animations, or other expressions in many formats