Creating Web Pages

The Wolfram Language supports industrial-strength automatic creation of full-featured web pages. The Wolfram Language's unified symbolic architecture allows you to build up linked web page contents as symbolic expressions using the full power of the Wolfram Language, then immediately export them as graphics, animation, sound, or full active web documents.

Save As save a document in HTML or other web formats

Save Selection As save part of a document as GIF, JPEG, Flash, etc.

Export programmatically export to any standard web format

Graphics & Animation »

"GIF"  ▪  "PNG"  ▪  "MP4"  ▪  "AVI"  ▪  "SVG"  ▪  ...

ImageSize absolute size of a graphic

AutorunSequencing specify sequencing for exporting Manipulate output

Audio »

"MP3"  ▪  "WAV"  ▪  "MIDI"  ▪  ...

Video »

"MP4"  ▪  "Ogg"  ▪  "VideoFormat"  ▪  ...

Documents »

"HTML"  ▪  "XHTML"  ▪  "XHTMLMathML"  ▪  "PDF"  ▪  ...

Linking & Annotation

Hyperlink symbolic representation of an arbitrary hyperlink

Tooltip arbitrary tooltip for any object

Annotation annotation for image map regions, etc.