is an option for Manipulate that specifies how autorun should use the controls provided.


  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticsequentially run each variable
    {Automatic,t}run sequentially for t seconds in total
    irun only variable i
    {i,j,}run variable i, then j, ...
    {{i,ti},}run variable i for t seconds, etc.
    Allrun all variables together
    {All,t}run all variables together for t seconds
  • With the setting {Automatic,t}, each variable is allocated the same time.
  • Each variable always starts from the initial value specified for it, and returns to the same value.
  • Controls are numbered sequentially based on their appearance in the original Manipulate expression. The numbering is not affected by which controls are visible.
  • AutorunSequencing is used when a Manipulate expression is exported using Export to a dynamic format.


Basic Examples  (3)

Control the order of the variables when Autorun is chosen from the Manipulate menu:

Specify a different duration for each variable (default 5):

Specify All to run through all variables simultaneously:

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