Variant Letters

In catering to the fine points of mathematical typesetting and notational clarity, the Wolfram Language provides a variety of special variant forms of letters.

Wolfram Language Notation and Doubled Letters

\[ImaginaryI] special form of representing (entered as ii)

\[ConstantC]  ▪  \[DifferentialD]  ▪  \[ExponentialE]  ▪  \[ImaginaryJ]

\[DoubledGamma]  ▪  \[DoubledPi]

Special Letter-Based Forms

µ \[Micro]  ▪  \[Angstrom]  ▪  \[HBar]  ▪  \[WeierstrassP]

Variant Greek Letters

ε \[CurlyEpsilon]  ▪  ϑ \[CurlyTheta]  ▪  ϰ \[CurlyKappa]  ▪  ϖ \[CurlyPi]  ▪  ϱ \[CurlyRho]  ▪  ς \[FinalSigma]  ▪  φ \[CurlyPhi]  ▪  ϒ \[CurlyCapitalUpsilon]

Dotless Letters

ı \[DotlessI] dotless i, used for unit vectors with hats, etc.

\[DotlessJ]  ▪  \[ScriptDotlessI]  ▪  \[ScriptDotlessJ]